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Live from Lost Lands 2018!

# Time Artist Song Label
1 :00 Ecraze Impala NSD: Black Label
2 Zomboy Biterz Never Say Die
w/ PhaseOne ft. In Hearts Wake Welcome To Mayhem (Acappella) Disciple
3 1:59 Spag Heddy Troupe Never Say Die
4 Tisoki Symmetry Never Say Die
w/ Skrillex & JAUZ ft. Fatman Scoop Squad Out (Acappella) OWSLA
5 Gammer The Drop Monstercat
w/ 2 Chainz ft. Cap 1 Where U Been? (Acappella) Def Jam
w/ Eptic No Mercy Never Say Die
6 Space Laces Torque Never Say Die
w/ 4:22 Somnium Sound Unholy NSD: Black Label
7 Kompany Override Never Say Die
8 5:30 Oddprophet Check Never Say Die
9 Trampa & Franky Nuts They Don't Want It Never Say Die
w/ 6:44 Zomboy Hide N' Seek Never Say Die
10 Zomboy ft. O.V Get With The Program (Eptic & Trampa Remix) Never Say Die
w/ Barely Alive Binary (Barely Alive & Virtual Riot Remix) Disciple
11 Zomboy Rebel Bass Never Say Die
12 Zomboy ft. Bok Nero Rotten Never Say Die
13 13min Oddprophet Beginner's Luck Never Say Die
w/ Zomboy ft. Armanni Reign Outbreak (Acappella) Never Say Die
14 IVORY No Regrets NSD: Black Label
15 Boy Kid Cloud & Tisoki What Are They? Disciple
w/ Party Favor WAWA Mad Decent
w/ RL Grime Heard Me Fool's Gold
16 Skellism & Terror Bass ft. Lil Jon In The Pit Geffen (UMG)
w/ Barely Alive Odyssey Disciple
17 19min Space Laces ID
18 TYNAN & Kompany Extraterrestrial Never Say Die
19 20:53 Corona Rhythm Of The Night (ID Remix) ZYX
20 Boombox Cartel Jefe (VIP / Vargo's Jersey Re-VIP) Mad Decent
21 Ookay Thief Astralwerks (EMI)
w/ Riot Ten & Sullivan King ft. DJ Paul Pit Boss (BadKlaat Remix) Dim Mak
w/ Boombox Cartel Jefe (Acappella) Mad Decent
22 Zomboy Like A Bitch (Kill The Noise Remix) Never Say Die
w/ Zomboy Like A Bitch Never Say Die
23 26:14 Zomboy Like A Bitch (ID Remix) Never Say Die
w/ Wiwek & Skrillex ft. Elliphant Killa (Acappella) OWSLA
24 Zomboy vs. DJ Snake ID
w/ Spag Heddy That's Right 193
25 28:38 Tisoki & Tank Parade Guess Who Never Say Die
26 Barely Alive ft. Splitbreed Bad Thang Disciple
w/ Dillon Francis ft. G-Eazy Say Less (Acappella) IDGAFOS
27 Zomboy Airborne (MUST DIE! Remix) Never Say Die
28 32min Virtual Riot One Two Disciple
w/ Kill The Noise ft. Mercedes Jump Ya Body (Acappella) OWSLA
29 Rickyxsan & Oski (AU) Back Never Say Die
w/ DJ Snake Propaganda (Acappella) Free / Polydor
30 Doctor P Big Boss (Zomboy Remix) Circus Records
31 GTA ft. DJ Funk Booty Bounce (GTA HYPRR MIX) Free / Mad Decent
w/ Skrillex Right In Big Beat (Atlantic)
w/ 36:15 Zomboy Lone Wolf Never Say Die
32 37:35 Zomboy ID
33 Zomboy & Eptic Bop It Never Say Die
34 Zomboy Lights Out Never Say Die
w/ Benny Benassi ft. Gari Go Cinema (Skrillex Remix) (Drop The Bass Acappella) Ultra
35 MERCER & SayMyName Wanted Confession
36 Wuki ft. Run DMC Tricky Wukileaks
37 Trampa Make Room Never Say Die
38 Boombox Cartel ft. QUIX Widdit (Franky Nuts Remix) Mad Decent
w/ 45:33 Eliminate Disco Disciple
39 Bro Safari Follow (Zomboy Remix) Free / Bro Safari
40 LAXX ft. GG Magree Heart (Spag Heddy Remix) Never Say Die
41 Dr. Ozi ft. MagMag BLT Never Say Die
42 Zomboy Invaders NSD: Black Label
43 12th Planet & Zomboy ft. Jay Fresh Dead Presidents Never Say Die
44 53:35 GTA ft. Sam Bruno Red Lips (Skrillex Remix) OWSLA
w/ Zomboy & MUST DIE! Survivors Never Say Die
45 Zomboy ft. KATO Young & Dangerous Never Say Die
46 59:22 Zomboy Resurrected Never Say Die