# Artist Song Label
1 Zatox & Villain Warning Unite
2 Brennan Heart Van Halen Is A Rockstar Midify
3 Frontliner I'm The Melodyman Keep It Up
4 Zatox ID
5 Brennan Heart & Aftershock (NL) It's My Life
6 Frontliner TBA 2 (One More Time) Keep It Up
7 Zombie Nation vs. Headhunterz vs. Alphaville Kernkraft 400 vs. Rock Civilization vs. Forever Young EPM / Scantraxx Reloaded / WEA
8 Brennan Heart & Zatox Fight The Resistance (Aftershock (NL) Remix) I AM HARDSTYLE
9 Frontliner Blaze The Fuck Up (Working Title)
10 Zatox Indigo 2017 Dirty Workz
11 Zatox & Villain Action Unite
12 Brennan Heart ID
13 Frontliner Weekend Warriors (Defqon.1 Anthem 2013) (2019 Edit) Q-dance
Dave Revan On Stage
14 Zatox ft. Dave Revan Last Resort
15 Aftershock (NL) ft. LXCPR Survivor
16 Frontliner Symbols (Q-BASE 2012 Open Air Anthem) Q-dance
17 Zatox Unstoppable Dirty Workz
18 The Partysquad & Boaz van de Beatz Oh My (Code Black Booty) Rebel Yard (Spinnin')
Jonathan Mendelsohn On Stage
19 Brennan Heart & Jonathan Mendelsohn Imaginary (Brennan Heart XQ Live Edit) WE R
20 Frontliner ft. John Harris Halos (Hard Bass 2014 Edit) Free / Keep It Up
21 Zatox & Rebourne ft. Dave Revan I Wanna Go Unite
22 Brennan Heart & Coone ft. Max P Fight For Something I AM HARDSTYLE
23 Frontliner Dream Dust (2019 Edit) Scantraxx
24 DJ Snake ft. Cardi B, Selena Gomez & Ozuna Taki Taki Geffen (UMG)
w/ Riot Ten ft. Rico Act Rail Breaker (Acappella) Dim Mak
w/ ID ID
25 Tatanka & Zatox Gangsta Zanzatraxx
w/ Knife Party Bonfire Big Beat (Atlantic)
w/ Tatanka & Zatox Gangsta (DNA Gvngsta Psystyle Edit) Zanzatraxx
26 Audiofreq Warcry Hard With Style
w/ Eiffel 65 Blue (Da Ba Dee) BlissCo
27 Gigi D'Agostino L'Amour Toujours (I'll Fly With You) (Zany Remake) ZYX
w/ Zatox ft. Dave Revan Monster Dirty Workz
w/ Dr Phunk The Drums Dirty Workz
28 Outbreak Bassface (Aftershock (NL) Remix) WE R RAW
29 Ian Van Dahl ft. Marsha Castles In The Sky (Code Black Bootleg) Airplay
30 Zatox Unstoppable (Hardcore Edit) Dirty Workz
31 Frontliner ID
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