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The origin of India’s most beloved dance music festival traces back to the warm sands of Candolem in Goa 2013. What started as a beachside festival celebrating EDM in its niche avatar in 2013 grew into a community of artists and enthusiasts alike coming together year after year for the love of dance music. Vh1 Supersonic over the years ceased to be just a music festival, transforming into a family who vibed to nothing but the beat.

Crafted with passion by the pioneer of dance music in India, Nikhil Chinapa visualized and set-up the first edition of Vh1 Supersonic in a month’s time. At a time when electronic music fans could only dream of witnessing international acts, Nikhil Chinapa along with the Supercrew dreamed the impossible, rolled their sleeves and created a lush landscape of light, sound, and color for every dance music enthusiast in the country. Vh1 Supersonic gave the country a world-class experience like no other. 2017 saw one of the biggest turning points for the festival when it decided to shift the venue to Pune and revamp its identity. Even through its evolution from being an EDM festival to a multi-genre festival in 2017, whether it was Pune or Goa, Vh1 Supersonic still promised to withhold the same vibe. The Superfam grew bigger, stronger and more diverse in numbers and interests and the festival hailed as one of the most promising events hosted that year.


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