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VOLAC, the dynamic electronic duo hailing from Russia, unleashes their distinctive artistic essence through an innovative fusion of music and visual storytelling. Their signature style is not confined to the airwaves alone; it comes to life in vibrant cartoon comics that accompany their famed podcast series, aptly named 'VOLACAST'. In these comics, the characters are mirror images of the real-life duo, capturing their style, quirks, personalities, and a penchant for revelry. A hallmark of every VOLACAST is the inclusion of a guest mix from their esteemed friends, adding a dynamic layer of musical exploration.

Within the realm of music, VOLAC seamlessly merges the elements of deep house, bass house, and g-house, creating a sonic tapestry that resonates with clubbers worldwide. Their tracks are driven by robust bass-lines and infectious grooves that set dancefloors ablaze. Notably, their track 'Drug Dealer,' released through CUFF, has become an electrifying staple, captivating audiences since its inception.

Since 2014, VOLAC has been an integral part of the Mix Feed family and their eponymous label. Their synergy with Sharam Jey bore fruit in the form of the chart-topping track 'Get Tipsy,' which secured a coveted spot in the Beatport Top 10. Further expanding their musical horizons, VOLAC teamed up with AC Slater's illustrious Night Bass imprint, resulting in the release of two impactful EPs.

In 2017, VOLAC seized the spotlight with the 'Do Ya Thing' EP and a compelling remix of Riton's "Rince & Repeat," amassing over half a million SoundCloud streams in a month. The duo's creative prowess flourished with the collaboration "What I Got," a G-house infused anthem co-crafted with LA-based DJ/producer DESTRUCTO. The track soared to over a million SoundCloud streams, solidifying VOLAC's prowess on the international stage.

Collaborations remain a cornerstone of VOLAC's sonic journey. Their musical rapport extends to luminaries such as Illusionize, Sharam Jey, Bruno Furlan, and Vanilla Ace, underscoring their role as collaborative maestros.

VOLAC's electrifying sound and visual narratives transcend boundaries, crafting an immersive experience that resonates beyond the dancefloor. With every beat, bassline, and brushstroke, VOLAC invites the world to join them on an artistic odyssey where music and creativity converge, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey into the heart of electronic music.



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