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Trap Nation, a pioneering force in the electronic music realm, emerged as a definitive platform that transcended genres and ignited a global movement. Established in 2012, the YouTube channel became a beacon for music enthusiasts seeking cutting-edge sounds that defied convention. With an unwavering commitment to spotlighting innovative talents, Trap Nation quickly evolved into a cultural phenomenon, amassing an astonishing 30.4 million subscribers and a dedicated fanbase.

Since its inception, Trap Nation has been at the forefront of curating and showcasing the finest electronic music, spanning the realms of trap, future bass, and beyond. The channel's inaugural video, "Congorock x Cesqeaux - BABYLON," marked the beginning of a transformative journey that would shape the landscape of modern music.

In 2016, Trap Nation took its influence a step further by extending its reach into the label realm. The label brought the same spirit of discovery to its releases, nurturing emerging artists and serving as a catalyst for their careers. With a dedication to cultivating innovative sounds, Trap Nation's label released captivating trap and future bass tracks that resonated deeply with a global audience.

One of the label's defining moments was the launch of the "Trap Nation Radio" radioshow in 2018. For three years, the show provided a platform for artists to showcase their prowess and share their sonic visions with a captivated audience. "Trap Nation Radio" bridged the gap between creators and listeners, further solidifying the channel's role as a unifying force in the electronic music community.

As the label's journey progressed, it paved the way for a diverse array of sublabels, each embodying its own unique sonic identity. Lowly Palace, which later rebranded as Lowly, served as a hub for groundbreaking releases. Chill Nation, Indie Nation, Bass Nation, House Nation, R&B Nation, Rap Nation, and Latin Nation added to the label's legacy by providing dedicated platforms for various genres and artistic expressions.

The label's remarkable trajectory reached a milestone with the release of "Undisputed" by Beatsmash and Mez Merrick on March 6, 2019. This marked the culmination of Trap Nation's impactful journey as a label, showcasing the exceptional talent that had defined its legacy.

While the label may have concluded its chapter, the spirit of Trap Nation endures with its vibrant YouTube channel and dynamic sublabels. The legacy of Trap Nation continues to reverberate through the countless artists it championed, the tracks it propelled to stardom, and the devoted community it fostered. In an ever-evolving musical landscape, Trap Nation remains a trailblazing beacon, continuously reshaping the way we experience and appreciate electronic music.

Wanted DJs[]

Trove 18
Arcando 14
Alina Renae 12
TwoWorldsApart 12



Undisputed Beatsmash, Mez Merrick March 6
Exhale EBEN & Calli Boom February 28
Take Me Home feat. Sir Jude TwoWorldsApart, Hyperclap February 27
ETA TOMYGONE February 21
WOLF JURGAZ & No ExpressioN February 20
Give Me The Stars Barren Gates, Vallas February 14
Egzod - Reserve feat. Leo The Kind Reserve (ft. Leo The Kind) Egzod February 13
Tell Me feat. Emil Merican Coopex, itsdelr February 7
Fall Again Gidexen February 6
New Generation KVMO January 31
Braveheart Hoober & Yanomi January 30
Broken Serion January 24
You Besomorph, Sarah de Warren, Jagsy January 23
Take Me Down (ft. Veronica Bravo) Coopex January 16
Upsilon TOMYGONE January 11
Knight Gidexen January 10
Breathless Beatsmash January 9
Deep Within Barren Gates x Serion January 3


Been The Man Marvin Devine, Hoober December 20
Never Be The Same Gidexen & KRAK'N December 19
Hide Away feat. Holly Terrens Brevis, Card$ December 14
Invoice 2nd Life December 13
Beta TOMYGONE December 12
Just For A Moment Serion, Airmow, RIELL December 7
Sacrament Hoober & Coopex December 6
I Don't Mind Vince Johnson December 5
Digital Disaster Lemay November 30
Widow Jenna
RMND & Svniivan Remix
Mike Vallas November 29
Moving Up feat. Stephen Geisler 2nd Life, No ExpressioN November 28
Warrior Hopex November 22
Moving On Kuoga November 21
Our Destiny Hopex November 15
New Beginnings teddibear November 14
Underwater Beatsmash November 8
Barbarian Besomorph, JURGAZ November 7
iDONTMIND Jordan Comolli, Jacy November 2
Nothing New Lost Identities November 1
Wild Streets feat. Joseph Feinstein Emdi, Barren Gates, VAYAN October 31
Confession NOIXES, Sweepz October 24
Unerasable feat. Stephen Geisler Besomorph October 18
Nemesis Calli Boom October 11
After All feat. Lost Identities Palmie October 10
Misbelief feat. Stephen Geisler Besomorph, No ExpressioN October 4
Who I Am T-Mass October 3
Mumble Lemay September 28
Ronin Gidexen September 27
Alpha TOMYGONE September 19
With You feat. Axol Cielo, Miza, Alex Skrindo, HuaoH September 12
Epsilon TOMYGONE September 6
Super 8 Xie September 5
Away TWO LANES August 30
Don't Wanna Be Lonely Jey Vazz August 29
Anything feat. KARRA Villms August 22
Down feat. Trove OTHER August 16
Say You Do feat. Belle Jewel Lemay August 10
Paranoid Lux Holm, Glaceo August 9
Tequila Nights August 3
More of Us feat. Lenii Dreweybear, Medii August 2
Like Home feat. Trove Unknown Brain August 1
Deep Cadmium, Jon Becker, Veronica Bravo July 26
Yoshimitsu Beatsmash, TOMYGONE July 25
Wasback - Glad feat. Elle Vee Glad feat. Elle Vee Wasback July 19
Stand by Me Medii, Kristen Olsson July 18
Delete Us Barren Gates July 12
By My Side Grodko July 10
Pixel Love Todd Helder July 5
Heartbeat N3WPORT, Shuba June 29
Can't Get Enough Julius Dreisig, Mylky June 28
4ever JAZ June 27
Tadi Marc Madness June 26
Ballin feat. TAOG 2Scratch June 21
Hope RMND June 20
Sinister Mejko June 19
Careful JayKode (feat. Sam Bruno) June 18
Hostile Noax June 15
Will You Be There feat. Elle L Willy Joy June 14
Nostalgia Curfew, Hopex June 13
The Heist Barren Gates June 12
My House Massive Vibes, Ruben Young June 8
Falling Serion June 5
Circles Laura Brehm, Unknown Brain May 31
Do It Again feat. Christian Kuria Hoober, Airmow May 25
Forever Lost Sky May 24
Follow Me feat. Julius Dreisig RMND May 23
Widow Jena Mike Vallas May 17
So Good Toy Box May 2
Hold On Me (feat. Alina Renae) Folded Dragons April 26
Everything Hopex April 25
Drip Xie April 6
The End Noax April 5
No More Arcando, Kait Weston, ThatBehavior March 22
Out Of My Mind feat. Elle Vee Convex (US), Kendra Videckis March 15
Revolt JAEGER March 14
Reckless Todd Helder March 7
Barakah Julius Dreisig February 28
Prey Renzyx February 21
Eclipse SUAHN January 24




Tell Me TakeFive September 1
Damage James Meyers August 25
Ready WiDE AWAKE August 18
Take Off (feat. Kat Kennedy) Meric August 11
Elevate Jayceeoh feat. Nevve July 28
Tokyo Jinco June 30
Show You Off (feat Xuitcasecity) Arman Cekin & Ellusive June 16
Stranded EP Ship Wrek June 8
▪ Feelin' Good
Ship Wrek "
▪ Stranded
Ship Wrek & Zookeepers "
▪ Abyss (feat. Beckii Power)
Ship Wrek "
▪ Waves
Ship Wrek & Illestry "
Fade Away ft. Tallyn WE ARE FURY June 1
Right With You Devault May 18
Last One Standing (feat. Openwater) T-Mass May 2
I Wonder feat. SVNAH Jinco April 6
Requiem TakeFive February 8
Until Dawn JAEGER January 14



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Unreleased Music[]