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Three Drives (On A Vinyl) is a collaboration between Erik de Koning (DJ Enrico) and Ton van Empel (Ton TB), they are responsible for the massive hit single "Greece 2000". This single ruled the European dance-floors for a long period and after conquering the clubs, the track stormed the worldwide single charts and entered at number 12 in the Official U. K Singles Chart! Not to forget the licenses to labels such as the legendary Hooj Choons and ZYX music. Also they signed the track to diverse compilations and due to the success of "Greece 2000", Three Drives remixed a lot of artists. SNAP, Proper Beating, Ferry Corsten, The Vengaboys, Saucerman and many more were the lucky ones who received the Three Drives remix touch. The guys spent a lot of time in the studio to produce several albums: Theme "2000" and "Melodies from the Universe". These highly appreciated albums received a lot credits and were popular among many artist such as Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Tiësto and Pete Tong. The double release "Sunset on Ibiza" & "Air Traffic" caused a stir in the UK since Judge Jules played the white label promo for 5 weeks on his BBC Radio 1 show. Another hit single stormed the dance charts again and this time it reached nr.1! This time the track was licensed to Xtravaganza Records and released in the UK in September 2001 containing new remixes. Besides the Three Drives projects, Club Royale's club anthem "Loosing Sleep" (It Records) and Enrico-solo releases like "The Hardclubber" (Celebrative Records) and "The Disclubber" (Blue Records), Erik de Koning also was the executive producer of DJ Jurgen ("Higher and higher") and many more. As founder of Tangled65. com, Ton TB is still very active as a solo artist, which he proved by his many releases like: Electronic Malfunction, Dream Machine and recently Three Drives "Feel the Rhythm" Ton TB Dubmix. The last one is featured on the latest In search Of Sunrise 7 by Tiësto. Their enormous list of original releases is endless, and many more productions and remixes will be added to their impressive list, so be aware!



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