Syn Cole (also known under the names: DNS Project[1], Lensflare or Clashback. His real name is René Pais) is an Estonian DJ and Producer of Electro and Progressive House. He was discovered by the Manager of Avicii, Ash Pournouri.

He is Born on March 24 1988 in Pärnu, Estonia. He attended music school for seven years where he studied piano. About he's personal life is not much more known.

Early 2013 he had his first release on Avicii's Label 'LE7ELS' with a remix of Avicii's Song Sillhouettes. After that he had his first own release called April on LE7ELS. After a few remixes he released his second Single on LE7ELS too. Miami 82 with an edit from Avicii was released on 31. December 2013. Syn Cole's musical style is electro based. On the first releases in 2012 and early 2013s he made melodic songs but with dirty electro elements in it. After his third single 'Bright Lights' he changed his musical style a little bit. The songs are still melodic but the dirty electro elements are (mostly) gone. PUMP! and May are the only two songs that have a dirty electro drop. Most of the other songs have a simple melodic progressive house drop (or chorus).

Rene uses in many of his songs the same drum samples. As DNS Project (where he produces Trance) and as Syn Cole there are the same Kick and Clap Samples. The Kick and the Claps are very Attacky and short, to give the bass more space.

In the Remix "California Love" (which released on April 2016) he used the same Synth as in Miami 82. He also uploaded a little behind the scenes Video of the remix where you can see Syn Cole's DAW (Cubase). There you can spot a layer called "Miami82ish" (at 0:16)

Since "The Daze" Syn Cole's Musical style is a little more chill than the older stuff.


Year Song Name Artist Notes
2012 Sillhouettes (Syn Cole Remix) Avicii Released on September 05th 2012
2013 April (Original / Progressive Mix) Syn Cole Released on February 04th 2013
2013 Lucky Ones (Syn Cole Remix) Kerli Released on March 19th 2013
2013 Hey Brother (Syn Cole Remix) Avicii Released on December 09th 2013
2013 Miami 82 (Avicii /Vocal Edit) Syn Cole Released on December 31st 2013
2014 Find You (Syn Cole Remix) Zedd Released on April 08th 2014
2014 Unconditionally (Syn Cole Remix) Katy Perry never released - only on Syn Cole's YouTube Channel
2014 Bright Lights Syn Cole Released on June 13th 2014
2014 Sing (Syn Cole Remix) Ed Sheeran Released on June 12th 2014
2014 Fist Love (Syn Cole Remix) Jennifer Lopez Released on June 27th 2014
2014 A Sky Full Of Stars (Syn Cole Remix) Coldplay Released on July 17th 2014
2014 No Enemiesz (Syn Cole Remix) Kiesza Released on October 31st 2014
2014 These Days (Syn Cole Remix) Take That Released on December 17th 2014
2015 It's You Syn Cole Released on March 03rd 2015
2015 PUMP! Syn Cole & Felguk Released on March 16th 2015
2015 May Syn Cole Released on May 25th 2015
2015 Goodbye (Syn Cole Remix) Feder Released on June 09th 2015
2015 Warriors (Syn Cole Remix) Nicky Romero vs. Volt & State Released on June 11th 2015
2016 Feel Good Syn Cole Released on NCS on February 27th 2016
2016 Don't Be So Hard On Yourself (Syn Cole Remix Jess Glynne Released on March 11th 2016
2016 The Daze (feat. Madame Buttons) Syn Cole Released on March 18th 2016
2016 California Love (Syn Cole Remix) Cold Chilling & The Rooks Released on April 1st 2016
2016 Follow Me (feat. Joshua Radin) Syn Cole Released on August 19th 2016
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