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Hailing from the vibrant electronic music scene of France, SampliFire emerges as a sonic Viking, wielding his musical prowess to craft a unique fusion of riddim and dubstep that he aptly dubs "Viking Dubstep." With an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of bass music, SampliFire commands the stage with a magnetic presence, leaving audiences in awe of his fearless sonic journey.

A master collaborator, SampliFire's sonic odyssey is marked by a trail of powerful alliances with esteemed artists. From the rumbling depths of collaborations with Gentlemens Club, to the explosive energy shared with the likes of Virtual Riot, Evilnoiz, and more, his collaborative ventures transcend genres, resulting in electrifying anthems that resonate within the hearts of fans worldwide.

SampliFire's distinctive sound is a captivating fusion of riddim and dubstep, seamlessly interwoven with a Viking influence that sets his sonic palette apart. Drawing inspiration from the rich history of Norse warriors, his music is a thunderous testament to the strength, resilience, and power of these ancient legends. Each track is a sonic voyage through mist-covered landscapes, combining bone-shaking basslines with atmospheric elements that transport listeners to realms of raw intensity.

Label after label, SampliFire's music has found a home within the most prestigious bastions of bass music. With appearances on Disciple, Never Say Die, Bassrush Records, and more, his imprint is firmly etched into the sonic tapestry of the electronic music landscape. Whether he's unleashing sonic fury on the stage or leaving his unmistakable mark on the global bass music scene, SampliFire's impact is undeniable.

Born from the fires of creativity and fueled by an unrelenting passion for pushing boundaries, SampliFire stands as a true Viking of the dubstep realm. His journey is a testament to the fusion of ancient influences and futuristic sonic explorations, resulting in a unique auditory experience that captivates and inspires. As he continues to traverse uncharted territories, SampliFire's Viking Dubstep saga unfolds, inviting listeners to join him on a thunderous odyssey through the realms of bass music.



File:IVORY - Dead Space EP.jpg ▪ Dead Space EP IVORY Never Say Die August 21
▪ X AE A-12
Original Mix
IVORY & SampliFire " "
Excision & Wooli - Evolution EP (The Remixes) ▪ Evolution EP
The Remixes
Excision & Wooli Excision Music August 18
▪ Evolution
SampliFire Remix
Excision & Wooli feat. Sam King " "



Upcoming/Unreleased Music[]

Magnetic Dirtyphonics Monstercat May 3
  • Severe
Dirtyphonics & SampliFire " "
Firestorm (Remixes) SampliFire Disciple June 14
  • Creep Killa (ft. Nika D) (Infekt Remix)
SampliFire " "
  • Creep Killa (ft. Nika D) (Creeds Remix)
SampliFire " "
SampliFire & YAKZ " "
SampliFire & YAKZ " "
SampliFire & Automhate " "
  • Creep Killa (ft. Nika D) (Dr. Ushūu & Bizo Remix)
SampliFire " "
  • Menticide (PYKE Remix)
SampliFire & YAKZ " "
  • Menticide (Toxate Remix)
SampliFire & YAKZ " "
  • Menticide (Unbound Remix)
SampliFire & YAKZ " "
  • Wrong House (VIP)
SampliFire & Chibs " "