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Born in Boulder, CO and based in Brooklyn, NY; SAVOY is a live electronic music hybrid consisting of DJs Ben Eberdt, Gray Smith and drummer Mike Kelly. The SAVOY experience can be described as a high energy dance party and laser spectacular that has been referred to as "mind blowing" on multiple occasions. With the combination of a inimitable live show and original repertoire, SAVOY has climbed their way up to national notoriety as well as established themselves as not only purveyor of one of the best parties around, but as world class song writers and producers. Club hits, blog dominating remixes, and arena rocking swagger; SAVOY is bridging the gap from the dance world to the mainstream. Think Daft Punk meets Metallica and give it a bottle of gin and you got SAVOY...In 2012, SAVOY continues to rock mainstream festivals, live venues, nightclubs and arenas around the world while they produce with and for many high profile artists. Following a triumphant sold-out performance at the Fillmore Auditorium this past November, Savoy are poised to deliver another unforgettable night in their first headline gig at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre.



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