# Artist Song Label
1 Prefix & Density Contrast Theracords
2 Phrantic & Deetox Can't Sleep Bring The Riot
3 Prefix & Density Grey Clouds Rough Recruits (Roughstate)
4 Prefix & Density ID
5 Donkey Rollers What We Are Fusion
6 B-Front & Adrenalize Elektronic Symphony Roughstate
7 Prefix & Density I'm On My Way Rough Recruits (Roughstate)
8 Noisecontrollers Yellow Minute Fusion
9 Udex Blackout Heart For Hard
10 Prefix & Density Make Up Your Mind Rough Recruits (Roughstate)
11 Safri Duo Played A Live (The Bongo Song) (Prefix & Density Remix) UMG
12 Crypsis Combination Style Minus Is More
13 Alphaverb & The Machine Lazerbeams Rough Recruits (Roughstate)
14 Prefix & Density Taking Over Rough Recruits (Roughstate)
15 Prefix & Density Just A Memory Theracords
16 Sub Zero Project & Sub Sonik Headbanger Anarchy (Dirty Workz)
17 Phuture Noize King Of The Jungle Dirty Workz
18 Prefix & Density Break It Down Rough Recruits (Roughstate)
19 Prefix & Density Reflection Rough Recruits (Roughstate)
20 Prefix & Density Last Goodbye Rough Recruits (Roughstate)
21 B-Front & Rejecta Angels In The Sky Roughstate
22 Prefix & Density Soundwaves Theracords
23 Alpha² Betrayal (Sub Zero Project Remix)  (Scantraxx)
24 Regain Dominate Heart For Hard
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