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ODESZA, the visionary electronic music duo, embarked on their transformative journey in 2012, a meteoric rise driven by innovation and boundless creativity. Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, the brilliant minds behind ODESZA, have consistently pushed the envelope of electronic music while evoking raw emotions and forging a profound connection with their listeners.

Their odyssey began with the release of "Summer's Gone" in 2012, an album that marked their transition from university life to the world of music. It served as a prelude to their sonic evolution and laid the foundation for their distinctive sound. The turning point came in 2014 with "In Return," a record that soared to the top of Billboard's Dance/Electronic charts. This album featured the mesmerizing Gold Single "Say My Name," a track that would later receive a Grammy nomination in 2016 for RAC's remix.

In just five years, ODESZA skyrocketed from anonymity to performing at sold-out arenas worldwide, all without the crutch of mainstream media or radio airplay. Their ascent was fueled by word of mouth and streaming platforms, cementing their reputation as trailblazers in the industry. What truly sets them apart is their extraordinary live performances, featuring an 11-piece ensemble that includes a horn section and a marching-band drumline—an experience that transcends conventional electronic music shows.

With the release of "A Moment Apart," ODESZA ventured into uncharted sonic and emotional territories. Their ability to seamlessly blend organic and synthesized sounds crafted a dreamy, emotive hybrid. Drawing inspiration from diverse influences, including Motown, '60s surf music, Four Tet, M83, Gorillaz, and Bonobo, they curated a unique musical tapestry. Their compositions, characterized by potent synths, dynamic chord progressions, and cinematic soundscapes, resonate deeply with their audience, punctuated by pulsating, euphoric percussion.

However, ODESZA's profound impact extends beyond their technical prowess; it's the emotions they evoke through their meticulously crafted sounds. Their music transcends genres, encompassing soul, folk, film scores, and electronic elements. They possess an unparalleled ability to harmoniously merge disparate sounds and instruments, a hallmark of their style.

As Harrison Mills aptly states, "I think our greatest strength is in blending genres, be it soul, folk, film scores, or electronic…I also think we're really good at finding sounds that shouldn't work together and making them fit." Their music is an exquisite blend of divergent styles, creating a distinct and authentic signature that is uniquely their own.

ODESZA's most recent album, "A Moment Apart," stands as their most ambitious project yet, while also being their most intimate. Amid futuristic found sounds and cinematic sweeps, it retains a profound human touch. The album delves into the theme of perspective, urging listeners to look beyond the surface and explore deeper meanings.

Beyond their solo endeavors, ODESZA is a driving force in the group BRONSON, alongside Golden Features, further expanding their creative horizons.

With iconic tracks like "Loyal," "The Last Goodbye," and "Line Of Sight," ODESZA has left an enduring mark on the electronic music landscape. They've consistently demonstrated their ability to captivate audiences with their innovative sound and live performances that defy conventions.

ODESZA's NO.SLEEP Mix series has garnered immense acclaim, cementing their reputation as electronic music pioneers. Their performances at renowned festivals and events, such as Coachella, Electric Forest, and Bonnaroo, have been lauded by fans and critics alike.

In summary, ODESZA is not just a musical act; they are creators of immersive sonic landscapes that bridge the gap between genres and emotions. With each note, they continue to challenge the boundaries of electronic music, leading the way into uncharted territories of sound and emotion.




  • ODESZA - Live Arena, Ultra Music Festival Miami

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