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MitiS has been meticulously honing his unique blend of piano-driven melodic bass since 2010. Originating from Pennsylvania, Joseph Torre, known professionally as MitiS, was raised with a foundation in Classical piano. He seamlessly integrates his musical upbringing into a captivating live performance that seamlessly merges his production prowess with his piano roots.

An artist at heart, he pours his soul into every composition, creating a body of work that resonates on a profound level. With each release, MitiS refines his musical vision, adapting alongside his intricate compositions. Torre's creative journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to sharing soul-stirring melodies, whether on a grand stage or in an intimate social setting.

His passion for music is unwavering, an essential part of his identity. Be it the evocative melodies of a Chopin piece reverberating through a majestic hall or the pulsating bass driving a club, MitiS is dedicated to his craft with unbridled fervor.

MitiS's sound effortlessly blends the grace of Classical elements with the dynamic vigor of contemporary bass. Torre's music transcends genres, weaving together lush melodies, powerful basslines, and rhythm-rich beats. This fusion captures what he describes as the "new age Classical," a harmonious convergence of emotion and energy.

MitiS's compositions are recognizable from the opening note, a unique signature that defines his sound. His music resonates with listeners who appreciate his distinctive approach. His devotion to melody, mastery of bass, and commitment to pushing musical boundaries have garnered admiration from an expanding fanbase. MitiS stands as a beacon of innovation and passion in the electronic music landscape, continually crafting a sonic tapestry that defies conventions and transcends categorization.



Upcoming/Unreleased Music[]

Atlas Jason Ross Ophelia
  • Take You Home
Jason Ross with MitiS feat. Dia Frampton " "
Beyond The Veil (Remixes) Seven Lions Ophelia March 31
  • Stop Thinking (feat. Lights) (MitiS Remix)
Seven Lions " "
Not Since When Crystal Skies Lost In Dreams February 25, 2022
  • Gone
Crystal Skies, MitiS, Linney " "