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LSDREAM, formerly known as Brillz, is a trailblazing artist who has redefined the electronic music landscape with his distinctive soundscapes and genre-defying creativity. With a visionary approach to production, LSDREAM has been at the forefront of pushing boundaries and inviting audiences to embark on ethereal sonic journeys.

Collaborating with an array of groundbreaking artists, LSDREAM's musical ventures have transcended expectations. His collaborative efforts include partnerships with the likes of Buku, Champagne Drip, CoJaxx, COM3T, Elephant Heart, Gravitrax, Howwler, INZO, KARRA, Kayoh, KTRL, Leah Culver, Liquid Stranger, Meredith Bull, MeSo, Sarah Hudson, Shlump, Taylr Renee, Varien, and Z-Trip. With an upcoming collaboration alongside PIERCE, the evolution of LSDREAM's sonic universe continues to expand.

Having found a creative home on Wakaan, LSDREAM's musical voyage has been marked by numerous notable releases. His top tracks, including "FUNKONAUT" (with GRiZ), "BLASTA" (with Inzo), "Badman" (with Ganja White Night), "Take A Trip" (with Liquid Stranger), "REKT" (with Kayoh), "PEACE LOVE & WUBZ" (with Cojaxx), "LOVE ROCKET" (with Meso and Elephant Heart), "HIGH VIBRATIONS," "POTIONS" (with Liquid Stranger), and "MOON LEGS" (with Z-Trip), showcase his dynamic range and innovative spirit.

LSDREAM's captivating performances have left an Inerasable mark on stages around the world. Noteworthy appearances include commanding stages such as the Worldwide Stage at Ultra Music Festival Miami, Okeechobee Music Festival, Wakaan Music Festival's Aura Stage, Lost Lands Festival's Prehistoric Evolution, Wobble Coliseum, Wobbleween at The Armory Minneapolis, Sherwood Court at Electric Forest Festival, and Wompy Woods at Lost Lands Festival. These monumental showcases serve as a testament to his ability to connect with audiences on a profound level.

Moreover, his immersive mixes, such as his entry in the Shambhala Festival Mix Series 2019, have provided listeners with an intimate glimpse into his artistic vision, showcasing his diverse influences and intricate production style.

LSDREAM's journey is one of sonic exploration, innovation, and connection. With each release and performance, he forges new paths and challenges the conventions of electronic music, leaving an enduring impact on the genre and a lasting impression on all who experience his sonic artistry.




LIGHTCODE, the enchanting ambient alias of the visionary artist LSDREAM, welcomes you to a realm of sonic tranquility and spiritual exploration. With a profound focus on meditative music, LIGHTCODE offers a serene auditory sanctuary for spiritual, emotional, and creative journeys.

Emerging from the creative depths with the announcement on October 15, 2020, LIGHTCODE's arrival was met with anticipation and reverence. The alias was unveiled as an ambient sonic landscape, tailored to elevate frequencies, expand consciousness, and provide a soothing backdrop for profound introspection.

The inaugural release titled "THE EGREGORE" marked a significant milestone in LIGHTCODE's journey. A 60-minute meditation composition, it served as the captivating soundtrack for the meditation live stream. This release, along with the entire LIGHTCODE catalog, reflects a commitment to harnessing the power of sound to facilitate deep relaxation and inner exploration.

LIGHTCODE's repertoire boasts tracks that resonate with a higher state of being, each carefully crafted to guide listeners on transformative journeys. Among these tracks are "FOUR OF SWORDS," an ethereal composition that exudes tranquility and introspection, and "THE EGREGORE (Full Mix)," a mesmerizing voyage through sonic dimensions.

The multipart opus "THE EGREGORE," which includes "Pt. 1," "Pt. 2," and "Pt. 3," envelops listeners in a cocoon of serenity, allowing them to surrender to the currents of ambient sound and embark on transformative sonic odysseys.

As part of the SSKWAN label, LIGHTCODE's music emanates from a space of deep connection and resonance. The alias invites you to immerse yourself in a tapestry of sonic frequencies that facilitate inner balance, emotional release, and creative inspiration.

LIGHTCODE's ambient compositions transcend traditional musical boundaries, offering a respite from the chaos of the world and a channel to elevate the soul. It's an invitation to enter a realm of sonic serenity, where the power of music converges with the realms of the spiritual, guiding you on a journey of introspection and enlightenment.

As Brillz[]

Brillz, a luminary in the world of electronic music, embarked on a dynamic journey that embraced the exhilarating realms of trap and bass. With an unparalleled knack for cultivating groundbreaking soundscapes, Brillz resonated with audiences worldwide through his electrifying compositions. Retiring the Brillz alias to focus on his evolution as LSDREAM, Brillz leaves behind a legacy of innovation and sonic exploration that forever shaped the trajectory of modern electronic music.

Collaborating with an array of industry giants, Brillz's creative prowess was manifested in collaborations with artists such as Diplo, Snails, Kill The Noise, Ghastly, and more. These alliances bore testament to Brillz's ability to push boundaries and challenge genre conventions. Additionally, as the founder of the now-defunct Twonk Records, he provided a platform for burgeoning talents, curating a community centered around music innovation.

Brillz's discography showcased a mosaic of sonic landscapes, traversing labels like Big Beat Records, Mad Decent, Never Say Die, and OWSLA, among others. His captivating fusion of trap elements was a testament to his mastery of production, leaving an everlasting imprint on the genre.

As a compelling performer, Brillz's presence on stage ignited a fervor among audiences worldwide. His mixes and performances were a testament to his ability to infuse energy and vibrancy into every setting. Notable highlights include sharing the stage with luminaries like Kill The Noise and Milo & Otis, delivering unforgettable sets at renowned events such as Ultra Music Festival Miami and Coachella Festival.

Brillz's journey as a pioneering figure in the electronic music landscape is deeply etched in the annals of modern sound. His legacy as Brillz, while retired to make way for the evolving chapter as LSDREAM, remains a testament to his fearless approach to music production, his collaborative spirit, and his dedication to pushing boundaries.

With Brillz, the stage was an altar of musical revolution, a place where genre boundaries blurred and creativity flourished. As the chapters continue to unfold, his transformative influence on electronic music will forever resonate, reminding us that brilliance knows no bounds.



As Brillz[]

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