Kill The Clowns are a couple of DJs and producers in the city of Aguascalientes, together have a history of more than 3 years in the scene of electronic music, both from families of musicians and DJs have formed a great project and of course never before seen, a unique show with their big beats make everyone dance. Currently these DJs together have more than 50 remixes and 30 productions which have been played all over the world, reaching more than 1000 downloads in a week and more than 5,000 reproductions per day. Both have been supported during his career by great djs and guests to play in various places in the Mexican Republic. Currently they spend most of their time in the production of house music, Electro-House, Commercial House, Melbourne and Progressive House obtaining good results and expecting big projects.




  • Kill The Clowns - wasteLAND, EDC Mexico 2019

Upcoming/Unreleased Tracks

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