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Renowned for his eclectic blend of influences and groundbreaking contributions to the electronic dance music scene, Harry Romero stands as a luminary in his field. With a dynamic portfolio of both solo endeavors and collaborations, his music resonates across genres and time. From unforgettable hits to commanding mixes, Harry's journey is a testament to his artistry and passion.

Among his most notable tracks, "Revolution (Deep In Jersey Mix)" demonstrated his prowess in 2018, a testament to his masterful touch on the dancefloor. His collaboration with Weiss on "Where Do We Go" further solidified his standing in 2020, capturing audiences' hearts with its undeniable groove. The synergy continued as Harry teamed up with the legendary Louie Vega for "El Ritmo," a soulful and rhythmic masterpiece that resonated profoundly.

A musical alchemist, Harry's touch extends beyond his original productions, showcased in his transformative remix of HoneyLuv's "Thr33 6ix 5ive." His remixing skills are intertwined with his ability to infuse new life into tracks, enhancing their sonic narratives.

Harry's creative genius is also evident in his mixes, which traverse various sonic landscapes and offer unparalleled sonic experiences. The BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix in 2019 showcased his capacity to captivate listeners with a carefully curated selection. His role as an architect of sound is further highlighted through appearances on esteemed platforms such as Toolroom Knights and Transitions, where his craftmanship shines alongside iconic names in the industry.

Elevating his artistry to unprecedented heights, Harry Romero's enduring contributions have left an undeniable mark on the global dance music scene. His creations transcend boundaries, invoking emotion and energy in equal measure. Through his music, remixes, and invigorating sets, Harry invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world of sonic innovation and passion.


As Harry Romero[]

As Mongobonix[]

Mongobonix, an enigmatic and resonant project birthed from the creative depths of Harry Romero, stands as a testament to artistic innovation and timeless musical expression. While the project's active status remains a captivating mystery, its impact is undeniable, as evidenced by a select collection of unforgettable releases.

With an inclination towards musical exploration that defies conventional boundaries, Mongobonix brings forth a unique blend of soundscapes that evoke both nostalgia and contemporary fervor. The project's sonic journey is meticulously crafted, inviting listeners to embark on an immersive experience through the realms of dance music.

Notable among the project's releases is the iconic track "Mas Pito," a sonic journey that first captivated audiences in 1999. Demonstrating the project's ability to merge diverse elements into a cohesive whole, "Mas Pito" remains a timeless testament to Harry Romero's innovative approach to music.

The mystique surrounding Mongobonix only amplifies its allure, with unreleased gems like "I Will" featuring Inaya Day having been unveiled only briefly in a rare and cherished moment on the Subliminal Sessions Podcast. This tantalizing glimpse into the project's creative universe speaks to its potency and ability to leave a lasting impression on the minds of its listeners.

Mongobonix's legacy is further enriched by the transformative work of Marco Lys, who provided a contemporary spin to "Mas Pito" through a captivating remix in 2018. This remix not only pays homage to the project's foundation but also showcases its enduring relevance within the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music.

Mongobonix stands as an embodiment of Harry Romero's ability to transcend conventional norms and create music that resonates with both past and present. While the project's current activity remains a tantalizing enigma, its past contributions continue to inspire and captivate those who seek a deeper connection with the realms of dance music artistry.


Upcoming/Unreleased Music[]