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"Hardwell On Air" was a widely acclaimed radio show helmed by the legendary DJ and producer, Hardwell. The show's inaugural broadcast took place on March 04, 2011, and it continued to captivate audiences until January 15, 2021, at which point it was succeeded by "Revealed Selected." With an extensive global following that numbered in the millions, the show achieved the remarkable distinction of being hailed as the most popular DJ radio show worldwide.

During the course of each episode, Hardwell, serving as the charismatic host, delighted listeners with an array of exclusive tracks that graced the airwaves at the start of the show. Additionally, he showcased tracks from the vibrant Revealed Community, a segment that originally featured three selections, now expanded to four on "Revealed Selected." Notably, the show's interactive nature came to life as Hardwell presented the Most Voted track of the week, directly involving his audience in the music selection process.

The immense popularity of "Hardwell On Air" was a testament to its impact, frequently securing the number one position on the A State of Dance by 1001tracklists chart. Each installment of the show was thoughtfully crafted to span one hour, expertly curated to offer an unparalleled journey through electronic dance music.

As "Hardwell On Air" concluded its remarkable run, it left an enduring mark on the EDM landscape. The show's legacy resides not only in its outstanding music selection but also in its ability to unite a global community of music enthusiasts. Through its evolution, "Hardwell On Air" brought together listeners, artists, and tracks in a harmonious celebration of electronic dance music.

After an absence of 1,022 days, Hardwell On Air made a triumphant return. Hardwell himself confirmed that Episode 501 of his eponymous radio show is set to air on November 3rd, marking the revival of the show as a monthly fixture, ensuring its enduring presence in the music scene.