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In the ever-evolving realm of dance music, the name Ghastly reverberates with a unique resonance that blends darkness and exhilaration into an intoxicating sonic concoction. Hailing from the shadows of Los Angeles, Ghastly, born David Lee Crow, emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the dance music scene, leaving an ingrained mark with his distinctive style and electrifying performances.

Ghastly's journey into the world of electronic music was far from conventional. As he unearthed his passion for production, he wove together a mesmerizing blend of genres that transcended boundaries. His sound draws inspiration from the realms of bass music, house, dubstep, and beyond, resulting in a musical experience that defies categorization.

One of Ghastly's defining attributes is his ability to curate soundscapes that take listeners on a journey through the dark and the light. From the ominous depths of haunting basslines to the euphoric heights of melodic flourishes, Ghastly's tracks showcase a versatility that keeps his audience on their toes and craving more.

Throughout his career, Ghastly's releases have echoed across the dance music landscape, leaving an unmistakable imprint on both festival stages and intimate club settings. Tracks like "Every Night," "We Might Fall," and "LSD" exemplify his ability to seamlessly fuse diverse elements, transcending genre limitations and resonating with a global audience.

Ghastly's collaborations have further enriched his sonic narrative, demonstrating his prowess in coalescing creative energies. His joint efforts with artists like NGHTMRE, Jameston Thieves, and Jauz have resulted in explosive tracks that infuse his signature mystique with a diverse range of influences.

Beyond the studio, Ghastly's live performances are a testament to his connection with the dance floor. With an unwavering dedication to engaging and electrifying his audience, his sets have become synonymous with high-energy and unbridled passion. Every drop, every transition, and every beat becomes a conduit for a shared experience that unites fans under the allure of his beats.

In the evolving landscape of dance music, Ghastly has evolved into a beacon of innovation. His contributions extend beyond the music itself, transcending boundaries and allowing his artistic spirit to shine through. With his music echoing across festivals, clubs, and headphones, Ghastly's legacy continues to grow, casting a hauntingly beautiful spell on dance music enthusiasts worldwide.


As Ghastly[]

As Ghengar[]


As Ghastly[]

As Ghengar[]


  • Ghengar - EDC Las Vegas



  • Ghastly - Ultra Music Festival Miami

Upcoming/Unreleased Music[]

Haunted Haus Ghastly Haunted Haus Collective April 15, 2022
  • Smoke
Ghastly, Madalen Duke " "
  • Zone
Ghastly, Yvng Jalapeño " "
  • In The Streets
Ghastly " "
  • Get Focused
Ghastly " "
  • Fangs
Ghastly, ALRT " "
  • Mind Made Up
Ghastly " "
  • Bullet
Ghastly " "
  • I Have Ur Back
Ghastly " "
  • Plamp
Ghastly, Somnium Sound " "
  • Burner
Ghastly " "
  • Vibe
Ghastly, Misdom " "
  • Get Down
Ghastly, BROHUG " "
  • Obvious
Ghastly, BOYGLOOM " "
  • B4U
Ghastly, Dani Poppitt " "
  • Until The Light Takes Us
Ghastly, Entra " "