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Future House is a captivating subgenre of House that merges electronic music with a more accessible, pop-infused sensibility. Rising to prominence in the mid-2010s, Future House quickly solidified its position as one of the defining genres of that decade.

Distinctive for its fusion of an EDM kick-drum and a dynamic "ducking" bass drum, Future House also spotlights a lead synthesizer that seamlessly navigates average-speed key changes. Complementing this, a counter melody synthesizer often enriches breakdowns, establishing a lively and inviting tempo typically around 120 BPM.

Embedded within the electronic dance music (EDM) scene of the mid-2010s, Future House gained notable traction through artists like Oliver Heldens and Tchami, who played pivotal roles in shaping its evolution. Their contributions, along with the genre's capacity to marry electronic beats with pop accessibility, fueled its rise to prominence. The mid-2010s witnessed Future House becoming a cultural phenomenon, marking an era when its exuberant soundscape resonated across dancefloors and airwaves alike.

Some examples include Puzzle by RetroVision, Sunburst by Tobu & Itro, and Bubble by Raven & Kreyn.