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Funky House[]

Funky House, also known as disco house, is a subgenre of house music celebrated for its vibrant and groovy essence. It effortlessly incorporates funk, disco samples, and soulful influences while maintaining a deep connection to dancefloor energy. Pioneers like Basement Jaxx, Armand van Helden, and Cassius infused disco elements into house music, while modern innovators like Calvin Harris, Clean Bandit, and Galantis have rekindled its appeal. Record labels such as Defected, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi Records, and Fierce Angel have been instrumental in shaping and evolving the Funky House sound.

Groove House[]

Groove House is a dynamic subgenre of electronic dance music that places a strong emphasis on intricate rhythms, infectious melodies, and an undeniable sense of motion. It seamlessly blends pulsating basslines, lively percussion, and soulful vocal elements, creating an energetic dancefloor atmosphere. Axwell pioneered the genre's early sound, while modern innovators like Don Diablo, EDX, and Nora En Pure continue to push its boundaries. Record labels including Axtone Records, Enormous Tunes, and Sirup Music have played crucial roles in both launching and evolving Groove House.

Jackin' House[]

Jackin' House stands as an invigorating subgenre deeply rooted in the history of house music. It pays homage to the raw and rhythmic elements that have been integral to dance culture. Known for its infectious beats, funky basslines, and the integration of sampled vocals and classic sounds, Jackin' House combines nostalgia with a contemporary edge. Pioneers like Derrick Carter and DJ Sneak laid the genre's foundations by infusing classic house elements into their tracks. Contemporary innovators like Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers, and Black Loops have injected new life into Jackin' House, pushing it into innovative directions. Labels like Defected, Hot Creations, and Relief Records have played vital roles in both launching and innovating the Jackin' House sound.