FIGHT CLVB is a dance music group comprised of three very unique individuals. SAV was formerly known from the Moombahton outfit "Sazon Booya" takes the helm of the project as the producer, DJ, visual content creator, as well as the project manager. He is also the director of The Electro Wars documentary and producer for ASAP Rocky's Purple Swagmusic video and Skrillex's "Rock N' Roll". Carly M Burns is a classically trained musician who produces with SAV and writes for the project. She also performs with the group. Her vast skill set includes playing live violin and piano, elements that will be included in FIGHT CLVB's live shows in the near future.  Mystereo, the masked hype man known formerly for his crazy no-nonsense antics as the hype man for SazonBooya will dawn the stage once again as FIGHT CLVB'shype man and group adviser. The masked man never reveals his identity to anyone!


Upcoming/Unreleased Music

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