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EPROM stands as one of the most vibrant and distinctive characters in the thriving West Coast music scene. His influence extends far beyond the coastal borders, as he plays a pivotal role in the international phenomenon that is Rwina Records.

As a consummate producer of the post-millennial era, EPROM's sonic repertoire spans a vast spectrum, from the intoxicating realms of Hip-Hop to the incendiary mutations of garage, while also venturing into the uncharted territory in between. His beats defy convention, showcasing an incessant state of flux, where they twist, melt, and evolve in wild and unpredictable ways.

Notable for his contributions to esteemed labels like Warp Records, Surefire Sound, and Bristol-based Bad Acid, EPROM's most prominent and enduring works reside within the Rwina Records catalog. His releases, such as the mind-bending "Humanoid" and the deconstructive masterpiece "Pipe Dream" EP, exemplify the convergence of dubstep and grime, forming an astonishing soundscape that consistently sheds layers of fluorescent, radioactive innovation with each resounding beat.

EPROM's live performances are a sensory spectacle to behold, illuminating the hip-hop foundations lurking beneath his intricate soundscapes. An hour in the company of EPROM is bound to reshape your auditory landscape, much like the transformative beats that define his signature style.

A dedicated legion of fans and supporters, including luminaries like Flying Lotus, Questlove, DJ Shadow, Rustie, The Gaslamp Killer, The Glitch Mob, and BBC Radio One's Mary Anne Hobbs, have recognized EPROM's unique brilliance. Sharing stages with some of the hottest names in the global electronic music community, EPROM's prowess as a producer and performer shines.

With his latest album, "Metahuman," receiving critical acclaim from across the spectrum, EPROM is finally receiving the well-deserved recognition as a foundational figure within the dynamic soundscape of the West Coast. His contribution to this musical movement is undeniable, marking him as a significant force shaping the ever-evolving world of sound.




  • G Jones b2b EPROM - bassPOD (Bassrush), EDC Las Vegas 2018

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