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The EDM Wiki is a directory of Electronic Dance Music. The goal of this wiki is to create as close to a complete of a list of labels, artists, tracklists, and events as possible for EDM enthusiasts.

The EDM Wiki was initially created on December 21, 2011, as a way to show songs by various artists. It was abandoned that same day for reasons unknown.

I discovered this wiki sometime around October of 2013, and began contributing to it daily ever since. Sometime later, a former EDM Wiki member and I decided that I should become admin of this website. We gave the former admin 10 days notice. When he did not respond, I became admin of the EDM Wiki.

My vision for this website initially started out as a solution to a very common problem on Beatport. Artists are occasionally not given credit for their work. So I set out to make sure every artist was recognized, no matter which track they appeared on. Currently, my goal for this website is to become the ultimate EDM website. This website will eventually become what happened if Beatport, 1001tracklists, and SoundCloud all merged into one website. A continuously updated EDM hub.

As of today, 14 Sunday of August of 2022, we have 4,582 articles,10,385 images and 77,575 edits.

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