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Since 2006, Dr. Ozi has been breaking molds and infiltrating dance floors with their upbeat but relentless sounds of heavy synths and bass. Culminating in over 500,000 plays and gaining early attention from bass music greats such as Nero, Borgore, Downlink, Adventure Club, and Destroid, Chris and Nix have become champions of Toronto’s electronic music scene. The duo began by producing heavy electro tracks but quickly switched their focus to the then just-blossoming dubstep genre, bringing across their screeching highs and intricate basslines. It was not long before nightclubs across the country were indulging in the unique sounds of Dr. Ozi. With releases on Buygore, Heavy Artillery, and Firepower Records, Dr. Ozi has enjoyed recognition from a plethora of notary online blogs and music forums. Not to mention an increasingly loyal fan base, whose energy is amplified with every drop of the duo’s grimy bass. Innovative in more than just their music production, Chris and Nix have a great sense of the drama required of a live performance. Dr. Ozi has captivated the audiences of countless lauded nightclubs and international festivals such as WEMF and Medalla Light. The duo’s increasing incorporation of live vocals has added a whole new atmosphere to their already mesmerizing sets. A proud force and trademark of Toronto’s talent, Dr. Ozi will continue to push boundaries and brighten dimly-lit clubs with their flashing, fast-paced sound. Without a doubt, Dr. Ozi is on their way to becoming the next big act to come out of Toronto’s underground dance scene.


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