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Blue Black
Brennan Heart 13-14:30 DJ Promo 13-14:30
Bass Modulators 14:30-15:30 Evil Activities 14:30-15:30
D-Block & S-te-Fan 15:30-16:30 AniMe 15:30-16:30
Ran-D 16:30-17:30 Angerfist 16:30-1za7:30
Phuture Noize (THE SPOTLIGHT) 17:30-18 Dr. Peacock (THE SPOTLIGHT) 17:30-18
Hosted by Villain Hosted by Da Mouth of Madness


Red Blue Black U.V. Magenta Indigo Yellow Gold Silver Purple
Toneshifterz 4-5 D-Attack 4-5 Access One Audiofreq A*S*Y*S Aversion Billx Buzz Fuzz Bryan Fury Bestia
Adrenalize & Devin Wild 5-6 Bass Chaserz 5-6 Alee DJ The Prophet Activator Crystal Mad Crypton DUNE (DE) Dart Dash
Coone 6-6:45 Sub Sonik 6-7 Amada & Yoshiko DL DJ Isaac Focus Dissoactive MC Da Mouth Of Madness Deathmachine Dawnfire
Noisecontrollers 6:45-7:30 Deetox presents Revival 7-8 Andy The Core Da Tweekaz Dana Imperatorz F. NøIzE Frantic Freak Hellfish Defqon.1 Contest Winner
Sound Rush 7:30-8:15 Hard Driver (LIVE) 8-8:30 Angerfist & I:Gor Demi Kanon Luna Luminite Lady Dammage Mental Theo Khaoz Engine Imperial
Headhunterz 8:15-9 Malice 8:30-10 Deadly Guns Frontliner Pavo Mind Dimension Mr. Ivex Panic Manu Le Malin Jesse Jax
Power Hour 9-10 Digital Punk 10-11 Destructive Tendencies Jay Reeve Pila & The Scientist Ncrypta No-iD The Darkraver & DJ Vince Mindustries KUZAK
Coone, Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers & Sound Rush 10-11 Rejecta 11-12 Dither Max Enforcer & ANDY SVGE Ruffian Neroz Partyraiser & Bulletproof The Raver & Tha Nouky Penta Nexone
KELTEK 11-12 Warface 12-13 N-Vitral Primeshock Sunny D Retaliation Spitnoise The Stunned Guys The Clamps PRDX
Frequencerz & Phuture Noize 12-13 Regain 13-14 Neophyte Retrospect Trilok & Chiren Riot Shift Streiks & Kratchs Uzi Unifire
D-Sturb 13-14 Rebelion 14-15 Nosferatu Sephyx Rooler The Destroyer
Radical Redemption 14-14:45 Psyko Punkz (The Afterparty) 17-18 Wasted Mind Wasted Penguinz APEXX (The Apexx Machine) Trespassed & Hard Effectz
B-Front 14:45-15:35 Zatox (The Afterparty) 18-19 Zany The Purge
The Endshow 15:35-16 Rebelion & Delete 19-20
Hosted by Villain & DV8 The Sickest Squad (The Afterparty) 20-21


Red Blue Black U.V. Magenta Indigo Yellow Gold Silver Purple
Audiotricz: The Next Chapter (LIVE) Act Of Rage Alee DV8 & Da Syndrome A-lusion Caine AngerNoizer & Cryogenic Art Of Fighters Akira (NL) Attack
Code Black & Atmozfears Adaro D-Fence Dr. Phunk & MANDY Charly Lownoise Chris One Chaotic Hostility Endymion Katharsys Charter
D-Block & S-te-Fan & DJ Isaac Chain Reaction GPF (THE PRERECORDED SEX SHOW V69 UNMASTERED TEST.WMA) Dr. Ruthless MC DL Dark Pact DRS (BE) Noize Suppressor Ophidian as Raziel Emphasis
Gunz For Hire Clockartz Korsakoff Frequencerz presents Get Wack! Deepack Livid Frenchcore Familia Ophidian & Ruffneck Somniac One Envine
The Closing Ceremony (Defqon.1 Legends, Sub Zero Project & Sefa) Degos & Re-Done Mad Dog Mark With A K & MC Chucky Ivan Carsten Prefix & Density Hyrule War Re-Style Strange Arrival Helix (NL)
Villain Delete VIP Partyraiser & Friends Mashup Jack Lip DJ RVAGE Lunatic Ruffian The DJ Producer Le Prince
Wildstylez E-Force & Luna Tha Playah "Sick and Twisted Showcase" Mental Twister Tat & Zat Tartaros RG Sequence & Ominous The Outside Agency Stormerz
Endymion The Melodyst Outsiders (NL) & The Partysquad & The Darkraver The Classics Machine Remzcore Synapse & Sei2ure The Satan
Jason Payne The Viper Paul Elstak Thyron Sprinky Unexist
Killshot Ransom Unresolved Super Trash Bros (LIVE)
MYST Zazafront Vertile System Overload
Nolz Vandal!sm
Requiem presents The Reckoning


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