# Artist Song Label
1 Deetox ft. Elyn Fallen Bring The Riot
2 Deetox ID (Chaos)
3 Deetox Inside My Head Bring The Riot
4 Delete & Deetox Alone Theracords
5 Ghost Stories Open Your Mind Scantraxx Evolutionz
6 Deetox & Crystal Mad One Last Time Bring The Riot
7 Deetox On The Edge Bring The Riot
8 Deetox & Clockartz Music Bring The Riot
9 B-Front & Deetox Cosmos
10 Phrantic & Deetox Can't Sleep Bring The Riot
11 Deetox Revival
12 ID ID (Party Starter)
13 Deetox Victory Bring The Riot
14 Deetox ft. Last Word Rock Bottom Bring The Riot
15 ID ID
16 ID ID
17 Deetox & Bass Chaserz Breaking Barriers Bring The Riot
18 Delete & Deetox Unstoppable (Kick Edit) Bring The Riot
19 Warface & Deetox Chaos Reign (ID Remix) End Of Line
20 Deetox Lower Level (200 BPM Edit) Theracords
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