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Tiësto's Club Life is a renowned electronic dance music (EDM) radio show hosted by the iconic Dutch DJ and producer Tiësto. Since its inception, the show has become a cornerstone in the world of EDM, consistently delivering top-notch music and captivating listeners with its diverse track selections and guest mixes. Here is an overview of the show's history and impact on the EDM scene:

Broadcast History:

  • Radio 538 (2007-2011): The journey of Tiësto's Club Life began on January 1, 2007, when it first aired on Radio 538. For four years, it graced the airwaves of this prominent Dutch radio station, setting the stage for its global recognition.
  • 3FM (2011-2015): From March 31, 2011, until April 30, 2015, the show found a new home on 3FM, continuing to deliver electrifying EDM mixes and connecting with a broader audience.
  • Return to Radio 538 (2015): In 2015, the show returned to its roots on Radio 538, where it continued to flourish and gain a massive following among EDM enthusiasts.
  • SiriusXM Electric Area: Beyond its terrestrial radio broadcasts, Tiësto's Club Life also enjoys a presence on Electric Area, a channel on SiriusXM satellite radio. This platform allows Tiësto's international fanbase to tune in and enjoy the show from anywhere in the world.

Popular Episodes: The show has produced a multitude of memorable episodes, with some gaining exceptional popularity among fans and listeners. A few of the standout episodes include:

  • Tiësto - Club Life 850
  • Tiësto - Club Life 841
  • Tiësto - Club Life 831
  • Tiësto - Club Life 829
  • Tiësto - Club Life 827
  • Tiësto - Club Life 825
  • Tiësto - Club Life 824
  • Tiësto - Club Life 823
  • Tiësto - Club Life 770 (Tiësto Yearmix)
  • VER:WEST - Club Life 719
  • Tiësto - Club Life 600 (Top 60 Special)
  • Tiësto - Club Life 578 (Tribute To Avicii)
  • Tiësto & Marshmello & Dirty South - Club Life 571
  • Tiësto - Club Life 400 Special Anniversary Part 1
  • Tiësto - Club Life 331 (Club Life After Hours Special)

These episodes, along with the entire catalog of Tiësto's Club Life, have left an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape, making it a must-listen for EDM aficionados and a testament to Tiësto's influence in the genre.

Tiësto's Club Life continues to evolve and captivate audiences worldwide, demonstrating the enduring power of EDM and its ability to unite music lovers across the globe.