# Artist Song Label
2 B-Front & High Voltage ft. Lilly Julian Everything Changes SYS-X
3 Chris One Big Boys
4 Chris One & The Machine Fragmental Therapy (Mashup) TILLT
5 Ghost In The Machine Dominator Gone Wild (Mashup)
6 Chris One Blast It Delirium Music
7 Riot Shift Oblivion Q-dance
8 Delete & Chris One Ready 2 Genocide
9 Clockartz Prisma Delirium Music
10 The Purge & Chris One Drop The Bomb
11 Chris One Back 2 Sleep Deathmatch
12 Unknown Analoq Blackout (B-Front Remix) (Gated Kick Edit)  (Scantraxx)
13 Delete Syndrome (Chris One Remix) Spoontech
14 Malice Annihilation Gearbox
15 DJ Promo From Deep Within (Chris One Edit) The Third Movement
16 GRAVEDGR Kamikaze (Rebelion Remix) Heavyweight
17 Rebelion Salvation (Delete Remix) Gearbox
18 Chris One Mind Of A Killer Deathmatch
19 Mrotek & Chris One Voices
20 Delete & Chris One W4RR10R End Of Line
21 Mrotek Laid 2 Rest
22 Chris One Stay Deathmatch
23 Warface & Malice Your Betrayal Gearbox
24 Chris One Deathmatch Deathmatch
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