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Charlie started playing the piano and composing since he was a child, he used to do multitrack recording using 2 cassette recorders and his keyboard at that time. He learned to play guitar, bass guitar and drums before 15 years old and also learned to use audio software to produce rock songs. He started as a professional DJ and EDM producer in 2010 by the name of Charlie Atom. In 2010 he signed: Whirlpool (Remixes) in the netlabel Another Chance Records. He has made releases to many other record labels, and in 2011 he released his first studio album Psychedelhi which he decided to release for free and been reviewed in the web magazine Consequence of Sound. In 2016 was signed by Ensis Records for the track "Slippin Away ft. Emma Harrop" and Blanco y Negro Music with his track "Winter" with belgian DJ Michael Fall and with english singer and composer Joe Bateman which has been played in many places around the world including the belgian FM radio station TOPradio and it reached the Ultratop belgian chart up to number 41.




  • Charlie Atom - Boombox Art Car, Electric Daisy Carnival Mexico

Upcoming/Unreleased Tracks[]