• Tono555


    October 7, 2014 by Tono555

    Hey people of EDM Wiki! I guess if you're reading this, you can tell that I created a bot. (Its username is: Tonobot) Well bots are used for making edits that would be extremely tedious for people to make. Like that "living people" category that Raniero and I had to work a lot to get rid of.

    If you want the bot to do something, contact me so I can request it. That way, we'll be able to get rid of/change links, etc. everything quicker.

    SUPERCEREAL: I need you to make the bot admin, bots can only do jobs as admins, thanks.

    Another thing off subject. I was thinking of adding an IRC chat to the wiki. What do you guys think? We could add a normal chat and name some mods, but the IRC is quicker. Whichever you guys prefer.

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  • Raniero R


    September 28, 2014 by Raniero R

    From what I have seen, people (You know who you are) are just copy/pasting articles from advertising agencies, instead of producing unique content. As long as the source that the information doesn't find out, and implying they lay copywriter claim, we can be in some deep shite. We might as well link to the article if we are going to copy the entirety of the article without providing the source.

    I suggest rewriting at least the beginning of the info, or changing things around. Plagiarism is not an excuse for indolence. Can we also not post one picture and hope other users will fill out the credentials?

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