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One would never expect that the outwardly charismatic songstress Alicia Madison, was once a shy and private child never able to sing in front of an audience. Now, Alicia exudes all the confidence her home state of New Jersey is known for, singing to anyone who will listen. Alicia never one to boast about her powerful pipes, always remains modest about her extraordinary skill until she takes to the mic -her talent speaks for itself. “I’m young but I know what I want out of life. I want to make music and perform. I want to be able to accomplish everything I have planned and I like to challenge myself,” Madison says. Alicia interned at Warner Brothers Records where she worked closely with Tommy Page, Vice President of A&R. Tommy eventually got word that Alicia was a singer and asked if she would sing for him. Alicia willingly and nervously sang in Page’s office, to her surprise, Page was extremely impressed by her. A week later, Page set Alicia up with acclaimed manager Gary Salzman of Big Management. After training her voice and learning the in and outs of the music industry, Alicia broke her newest single “Sick In The Octave” with UK Producer / DJ Dehasse. Receiving praise from fans/ artists alike, there is no stopping her. After doing shows on the east coast and building her name, Alicia now has 4 upcoming releases with labels such as Mixmash (Laidback Luke), MODA, Central Station, and Musical Freedom (Tiësto).



Upcoming/Unreleased Music[]