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Step into the realm of 6K Music, a dynamic sublabel of Armada Music, where the thundering beats of Big Room dance music echo in harmony with the universe. Founded in 2013, 6K Music emerged as a captivating platform that brought forth an exhilarating wave of electronic soundscapes, pushing the boundaries of the genre and igniting dancefloors across the globe.

6K Music sprouted from the fertile grounds of Armada Music, a renowned label known for its dedication to innovation and musical excellence. Established in 2013, 6K Music swiftly carved a unique niche within the electronic music landscape.

As the dust of its creation settled, 6K Music assumed its role as a harbinger of Big Room brilliance. Through its carefully curated releases, the label epitomized the essence of stadium-sized anthems, fusing electrifying melodies with seismic drops that sent shockwaves through venues worldwide.

At the heart of 6K Music's catalog lie anthems that resonated with fervor. Tracks like 'Jaminha' by Paul Mayson, 'Dive' featuring Hope (Husman Remix) by Hot Mouth & Nezzo, 'International' by JETFIRE & Happy Enemies, '360' by Husman, 'Cama' by Driftmoon, and 'Chrono' by Yves V & Mell Tierra served as beacons of sonic excellence, capturing the essence of Big Room's grandeur.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, 6K Music propelled itself forward with an energetic momentum that defined its identity. Each release represented a melodic journey that invited listeners to revel in the exuberance of the Big Room genre.

As 6K Music's journey unfolded, it reached a climactic point with the 'Best of 2014' compilation - a sonic tapestry that wove together the label's defining moments from that year. The compilation encapsulated the vibrant energy and creative fervor that 6K Music had come to symbolize.

While the label concluded its exhilarating run with the release of 'City of Heaven' by 2 Faced Funks on July 30, 2014, the echoes of its melodies continue to reverberate within the hearts of those who danced to its beats. 6K Music may have concluded its chapter, but its legacy remains etched in the annals of Big Room's evolution.

6K Music's cosmic legacy resides in its ability to transport listeners to a realm of boundless energy, unity, and euphoria. Through its releases, the label solidified its position as a beacon of Big Room brilliance under the Armada Music umbrella, forever igniting the dancefloors of the past and inspiring the dancefloors of the future

Wanted DJs[]

Nezzo 11
Askery 8



Various Artists - 6K Music Best of 2014 ▪ 6K Music
Best of 2014
Various Artists November 28
▪ NaOH
Askery "
▪ Dive feat. Hope
Husman Remix
Hot Mouth, Nezzo "
▪ International
JETFIRE, Happy Enemies "
▪ Jaminha
Paul Mayson "
▪ Karma
Yves V, Freddy See "
▪ 360
Husman "
▪ Danapris
Andrew StetS "
▪ Leverage
Matierro, Dean Elbaz "
▪ City Of Heaven
Extended Mix
2 Faced Funks "
▪ Cama
Driftmoon "
2 Faced Funks - City Of Heaven ▪ City Of Heaven 2 Faced Funks July 30
Matierro & Dean Elbaz - Leverage ▪ Leverage Matierro & Dean Elbaz May 19
JETFIRE & Happy Enemies - International ▪ International JETFIRE & Happy Enemies April 21
Paul Mayson - Jaminha ▪ Jaminha Paul Mayson April 7
Yves V & Freddy See - Karma ▪ Karma Yves V & Freddy See March 24
Andrew StetS - Danapris ▪ Danapris Andrew StetS March 10
Askery - NaOH ▪ NaOH Askery February 24
Hot Mouth vs Nezzo feat. Hope - Dive (Remixes) ▪ Dive
Hot Mouth vs Nezzo feat. Hope February 3
▪ Dive
Husman Remix
Hot Mouth vs Nezzo feat. Hope "
▪ Dive
Landis Remix
Hot Mouth vs Nezzo feat. Hope "
Husman - 360 ▪ 360 Husman January 20


Driftmoon - Cama ▪ Cama Driftmoon December 2
David Gravell - Megatron ▪ Megatron David Gravell November 18
Yves V & Mell Tierra - Chrono ▪ Chrono Yves V & Mell Tierra October 28
Hot Mouth vs Nezzo feat. Hope - Dive ▪ Dive Hot Mouth vs Nezzo feat. Hope October 14

Upcoming/Unreleased Music[]