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Enter the world of 16BL, a solo project that encapsulates the profound musical journey of Peter Kriek and Ariaan Olieroock. A masterful fusion of creative minds, 16 Bit Lolitas emerged in 2003, their collaboration igniting a resounding impact on the electronic music landscape.

Before the union, Peter and Ariaan individually embarked on sonic explorations, but their meeting marked a transformative convergence. Together, they harnessed their collective prowess to usher in a wave of releases that would reshape the industry. The pair's talents found expression through tracks like "The Puppet Show," "Destiny," "My Lexicon," "Stereo Control," and the evocative "Sednaa." These compositions resonated on diverse labels including Yoshitoshi, Alternative Route, Release, Sadie, Plastic Fantastic, Nu Republic, Armada, Minimal, DK, and LMR.

As their vision evolved, 16 Bit Lolitas steered their creative ship in a new direction, leading them to launch their own successful imprint, "Bits & Pieces." This move allowed them to retain greater control over their musical offerings and set the stage for a succession of club hits that resonated deeply within the electronic music community.

The subsequent years witnessed an impressive ascent for the project, thrusting Peter and Ariaan into the spotlight as their creations assumed a distinct sonic identity. Rooted in a rich blend of house music influences, their productions embodied a blend of cool sophistication and sonic innovation. Each piece was a testament to the duo's commitment to patient craftsmanship, carefully produced with emotional depth and precision.

16BL's music isn't confined to mere beats and melodies; it's a journey that weaves intricate atmospheres and delivers impactful sonic blows without resorting to clichés. Eschewing overused gimmicks, 16BL's compositions stand as testament to their dedication to pushing artistic boundaries and creating lasting impact.

In 2008, a defining moment arrived with the launch of the "Live At Warung" mix album series under the Hope Recordings/Bits and Pieces label. This collection was a sonic testament to the duo's unparalleled prowess. Showcasing underground sounds handpicked from across the globe, it featured a significant portion of their unreleased material. A testament to their DJ sets, 16BL's music was meticulously tailored to captivate audiences, demonstrating their ability to translate studio visions into pulsating dancefloor energy.

As the journey of 16 Bit Lolitas continued, Ariaan Olieroock embraced the solo path, evolving the project into the current iteration, 16BL, on January 19, 2019. With this transition, the project remains an embodiment of musical evolution and artistic innovation, rooted in a foundation of passion, creativity, and boundary-pushing expression.

In the dynamic realm of electronic music, 16BL stands as a symbol of constant reinvention, crafting sonic landscapes that transcend the ordinary. Through a journey of solo exploration, Ariaan Olieroock continues to push the envelope of creativity, ensuring that the legacy of 16BL remains etched in the annals of electronic music history.


As 16BL[]





As 16 Bit Lolitas[]

16 Bit Lolitas, the brainchild of Dutch DJ and producer Ariaan Olieroock, has been an influential force in the electronic music scene since its inception in 2003. What started as a dynamic duo alongside Peter Kriek has now evolved into Ariaan's solo project under the moniker 16BL. This transformation has allowed him to take the helm and steer the project into exciting new directions.

Throughout their journey, 16 Bit Lolitas, initially comprised of Ariaan Olieroock and Peter Kriek, crafted a distinctive sound that found a home on various renowned labels including Yoshitoshi, Alternative Route, Plastic Fantastic, Nu Republic, Armada, LMR, and more recently, Above & Beyond's progressive house imprint, Anjunadeep. Their music has resonated deeply with audiences worldwide, making them a respected name within the industry.

In 2004, Aad and Peter ventured into the club scene, collaborating with Dutch DJ-producer Stef Vrolijk. This collaboration resulted in an exciting live act that graced major festivals and high-profile events throughout the Netherlands. Their musical journey led them to launch their own imprint, Bits and Pieces. Under this banner, they unveiled the "Live At Warung" album, inspired by Brazil's iconic beach club, featuring a captivating mix of underground sounds curated from across the globe, complemented by a disc brimming with their own unreleased gems.

Fast forward to 2023, Ariaan Olieroock continues to steer the ship, mesmerizing audiences as a solo artist. He is not only a prolific DJ but also an accomplished producer, pushing the boundaries of the 16 Bit sound. As they embrace this new era, fans can anticipate fresh, innovative music from 16BL, building on the project's rich legacy and evolving into uncharted territories. The future holds the promise of a double CD original artist album, offering a glimpse into the multifaceted world of 16 Bit Lolitas, with one disc housing club anthems and the other exploring their experimental side. This highly anticipated album is set to drop in the coming months, accompanied by high-profile remixes and exciting studio collaborations, ensuring that 16BL remains at the forefront of electronic music.


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