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Daniel Aceves Pérez (born July 3, 2003), known professionally as Dark Banshee, is a Mexican music producer, disc-jockey and songwriter. He started his career as a music producer at the age of 16 in 2019 releasing a remix of the song Blood Honey by Marilyn Manson in March 2019. In June 2019 he released his first EP called "Summertime Sadness" collaborating with D4vemon, Browtek and Uziel Mix. In May 2020 he released his second EP called "Spaceship" which he released with the help of the youtuber called El Bananero, who helped promote the EP, this EP made him better known in Latin America. In June 2020 he released his official remix of the song Rela Pa`dela by the Mexican artist Memo Torres.

In December 2020 he released his debut album called "Fire Out" which was recognized by artists around the world. "Fire Out" won a platinum disc in recognition of 100,000 views in a month and was also recognized as best production and recording.

Daniel Aceves Perez (Dark Banshee) also did SFX (sound effects) for the YouTube channel "Dross Rotzank" and for "Voces Anonimas" (Series created by film director Guillermo Lockhart).

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